About Our Company

by Admin , 27 July 2017 ,Fitness Apparel

How Far We've Come

Back in 2000 a group of 6 from Kettle Amaze set out to provide a local benefit for healthier meal preparation, with Fitness market & chef experience integrated we were confident to provide what is required. After dealing with local health clubs and connections the orders quickly began coming in.

Where Are We Now?

We quickly outgrew our local city as orders went from 100 meals to thousands and are now a leading healthy food service provider, providing across the country daily. We are still as enthusiastic as ever to supply you with our knowledgeable understanding and super tasting, quality meals.

Whether you're based in the growing city or peaceful nation, our meals are transferred with our cooled food trucks.

Fresh Ingredients

All our meals are thoroughly prepared using fresh components by our skilled chefs.

Kettle Amaze are healthy food shipment service. We prepare newly prepared, healthy, healthy & ready-to-eat meals and provide them straight to your door.